IASON Project has the ultimate goal to establish a permanent and sustainable Network of scientific and non-scientific institutions, stakeholders and private sector enterprises belonging in the EU and third countries located in two significant areas: The Mediterranean and the Black Sea regions. The main focal points of the project will be the usage and application of Earth Observation (EO) in the following topics:

  • Actions to address climate changes
  • Research and innovation to improve resource efficiency
  • Raw Material Management

In order to achieve its goal the IASON network will set the following objectives:

  1. Record, map, and categorize thematically and geographically scientific output achieved by regional and EU funded research creating a portfolio of existing prominent results.
  2. Capacity Building through data integration and interoperability.
  3. To asses projects results and their applications in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Regions under the three thematic nodes (coastal monitoring, water and soil resources management, and mining and mineral exploration).
  4. Establish an EO network covering the Mediterranean and Black Sea basins.
  5. Engage in activities that will foster cooperation between the network’s members/countries and in particular between the EU and the non-EU members/countries on recorded gaps.
  6. Provide consultations to and develop firm links with regional and local institutions, stakeholders and policy makers bridging research agendas with EU priorities for 2020.
  7. Develop a toolkit for fostering and promoting access of regional research institutions to funding opportunities towards a sustainable and market oriented uptake of research results.
  8. Create and maintain thematic nodes of stakeholder communities that will act as focal points for future research interactions.
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