IASON final event

THESSALONIKI - 22-4-2015 

Hotel Makedonia Palace, Hall Amfitrion II


Session 1 - Opening and Keynote address

Chair:Petros Patias, Charalampos Georgiadis (AUTH)

Welcome Addresses (Petros Patias, IASON coordinator, AUTH)

Invited also :

The Aristotle University Rector/Research Committee

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

The Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change

IASON at-a-glance (Petros Patias, AUTH)

Session 2  - AB talks

 “Facing Water Scarcity in Mediterranean Countries” Nicola Lamaddalena (CIHEAM - IAM Bari)

Session 3 - IASON WP2

Chair: Paolo Mazzetti (CNR-IIA), Stefania Fusani (ISPRA)

Black Sea and Mediterranean Regions Current state  (Nico Bonora, ISPRA)

Multilevel assessment and gap analysis(Paolo Mazzetti, CNR-IIA)

Methodology toolkit for helping assess regional needs and priorities within the three pillars (Marco Massabo, CIMA)

The IASON refined version of the EGIDA methodology for the Balkan and Mediterranean regions(Paolo Mazzetti, CNR-IIA)

Session 4 - IASON WP3

Chair: Orhan Altan (EKINOKS), Dorian Gorgan (UTCN)

Twinning and Training material toolkit (Dorian Gorgan, Teodor Stefanut, UTCN)

EO applications information package and toolkit (Orhan Altan, EKINOKS)

Session 5 - IASON WP4

Chair: Mark Noort (HCP), Boris Antic (UNS)

Research and Funding agendas Watch (Vladan Minić, Boris Antic, UNS)

Sustainable Funding Toolkit (Mark Noort, HCP)

Session 6 - IASON WP5

Chair: Nicolas Ray (UNIGE), Marco Massabo (CIMA

A common platform enabling methodologies and regional assessment of projects results by country and/or catchment for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea region (Pierre Lacroix, UNIGE)

Toolkit for integration and harmonization of datasets with GEOSS (Roberto Roncella, CNR-IIA)

Session 7 - Discussion

Chair: Boris Antic (UNS), Charalampos Georgiadis (AUTH)

The IASON PNF (Vladan Minic, UNS)

The IASON Policy Brief (Kostas Smagas, GEO)


Image galery


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