IASON workshop 1

Venue: Rabat, Morocco
Dates: January 30-31, 2014
Collocated with IASON and EOPOWER Meeting in Rabat, January 29, 2014

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Programme of the Rabat Workshop

List of Participants

Training on bringing GEOSS services into practice, January 30-31, 2014

(prepared by University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Public: novice GIS users with some computer basics
Number of participants: 50 trainees, each behind an individual computer

Program of the training:

  • Ch 1. Concepts on spatial data infrastructures
  • Ch 2. How to store geospatial data? (PostGIS and flat rasters)
  • Ch 3. How to publish geospatial data? (GeoServer, WMS, WFS, WCS, KML, SLD)
  • Ch 4. How to document and search geospatial data? (GeoNetwork, CSW, ISO metadata)
  • Ch 5. How to process geospatial data? (Python, WPS, PyWPS)
  • Ch 6. How to view geospatial data? (WMS, OpenLayers, QGIS, KML)
  • Ch 7. How to download geospatial data? (WFS, WCS, QGIS)
  • Ch 8. How to analyze geospatial data? (WPS local/remote)
  • Ch 9. How to share geospatial data? (GEOSS, Discovery and Access Broker)



Photos - Day 1


Photos - Day 2


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