November 29, 2013: Joint meeting of IASON, ENSOCIO-LA, SUSTAIN EU-ASIA & RECREATE FP7 - ENV projects

The Coordinators of four related projects, Petros Patias, Coordinator of EU project IASON, Mark Morris, Coordinator of EU project ENSOCIO-LA , Oliver Lah, Coordinator of EU project SUSTAIN EU-ASIA, Robbert Fisher, Daniel Gehrt, Coordinators of EU project RECREATE, met at the Joint Institute for Innovation Policy (JIIP) Offices in Brussels to discuss the possible structure and approach for future synergies.



IASON participation at the 5th GEOBIA, 21-24 May 2014 Thessaloniki, Greece

Following the international GEOBIA Conferences held in Salzburg, Austria in 2006, Calgary, Canada in 2008, Ghent, Belgium in 2010, and Rio De Janeiro, Brasil in 2012, the 5th GEOBIA Conference of 2014 will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece between 21 and 24 May.



IASON Workshop (MED) & Caravan Events Rabat, Morocco January 29-31 January 2014: Training on bringing GEOSS services into practice


IASON project is launching its first international workshop tackling issues of Earth Observation & climate change, resource efficiency and raw materials focussing on the Mediterranean region (MED). This first workshop titled “Training on bringing GEOSS services into practice” launches a series of events within the IASON framework that will be called to transfer knowhow and best practices to local stakeholders regarding issues such as, concepts on spatial data infrastructures, how to store data, how to publish data, how to document and search data, how data is processed and how to view, analyze and share data.


IASON project official website kick-off


Online information can be found about the project details and objectives, the partners, deliverables and the contact information of the IASON project coordinator, Prof. Petros Patias. In addition to that, the website features news and events, a member area and sections for the Knowledge Base and the IASON Community that are currently still under construction. Social media accounts will also be available within the first quarter of the project. Finally, One can also subscribe to receiving the regular issues of this e-Newsletter. ENTER IASON Portal at and Connect with us!

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