IASON participates in RECREATE workshop “Overcoming Fragmentation in Research & Innovation: a question for debate” April 23rd 2014 in Brussels, Belgium

IASON NEWSLETTER ISSUE 03 01-10IASON project and Dr Mark Noort of HCP International was invited at the sessions of the first RECREATE workshop on “Overcoming Fragmentation in Research & Innovation: a question for debate” was held in Brussels on April 23. RECREATE project, one of the sister projects of IASON, focuses on the future of European research and innovation policy in climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials. Important elements of the project are impact assessment and foresight activities for these topics. To achieve this more than 200 indicators are used in combination with a qualitative, case-based approach to impact assessment. This results in a scoreboard for the focal areas of RECREATE. To analyse trends a forward looking analysis that includes 14 policy briefs are carried out during the project lifetime of 5 years (which is exceptional by the standards of European research funding, underlining the importance the European Commission attaches to this initiative).

The discussion ranged from very overarching topics (the systemic effect of different measures, life cycle analysis) to very concrete detailed applications (recycling, energy efficiency, renewable energy).

In the round table discussion that followed the sessions, Avelino Gonzalez of the European Commission indicated that the Horizon2020 programme puts more emphasis to innovation. Impact assessment is therefore very important. With that in mind, a special paragraph is devoted to impact in each specific topic of the H2020 work plans. In addition, the impact of the dissemination and exploitation activities needs to be assessed. The RECREATE project is expected to answer the question on how impact is measured. As part of this process, each year a consultative workshop will be held like this one and in the process more information and results on indicators and trends will become available

More information on RECREATE workshop project can be found here.

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